Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My kancil car :(

do you think you like your car?
do you think you have your car you already satisfy?
do you think you don't have to buy new car?
all option you must think before buy a car.
get opinion from anywhere, anyone with car info
My kancil car today... i very happy and proud
because have it... you know why?
it's make me comfortable even it's very small
compared others car in Malaysia. But, you
must know you have a kancil and you should be
proud to be an owner of Kancil Malaysia...


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cars Opponent Virus H1N1

In the early past, when the state of Malaysia's intention to make the cars themselves. many people do not trust the ability and capability of a small country such as Malaysia to develop technology in the field of automobile.

Do you feel like virus also indicates that produced by Malaysians when they do not give trust to the administrator of the country to develop this country?

when reported in H1N1 viruses found in mexico, like all people who want to train technology developed by the first country malaysia. When a country like Malaysia has put everything, you certainly believe that the virus H1N1 vaccine has been proven and resulting effectiveness.

purpose of the car versus the virus is H1N1, we as people need the strength to believe that when something is happening at this time, certainly in the future it has been a history and a reminder to anyone who does not believe this is the strength of Malaysia.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Kancil or Viva?

Kancil not come out again? This Thursday, 2009 last of its kind is the new Viva 660 BX to be replaced. The production set Perodua (Kancil) this Thursday and will completely replace by Viva Model BX 660 manual.

Viva BX 660 Specifications:

DVVT 660cc engine 47PS @ 7200 rpm, 58nm @ 4400 rpm

Without Power Steering

No power windows

No central

No radio

No reverse sensor

Unpainted bumpers

Manual transmission only

Only in Ivory, Ebony Black and Glittering Silver

The cost for the new Viva 660 BX is RM25,300 from. Also note the new Perodua Viva elite, which will be released soon. Although Kancil will cease production on Thursday of this week, not on those who are still worried, and parts for this model and available any time soon because its parts cease to produce.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


A Perodua Nippa is definitely a city car, perfect for small parking spaces and very good on gas, but when you talk of power remaining at the end of the list.

The car itself is very cheap at 5000 euros, but has little comfort, most cars at the time. They will try a terrible job, shopping in the boot-fit even your holiday luggage.

The comfort of this page, it really has not, the seats are not sitting comfortably, it's the legroom is not created.

The speed of these vehicles proves once again that it is designed for the city, the only time you would be able to ride 80 mph is down or a cliff. The largest, most I found was that the car did not even need power steering, it is so easy.

Ultimately, if your car is about 60-70 perfect for you to add a little more about the fairness of the current car, the size and the fact that she is 65 and a gallon, it would a winner with you.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Unenviable task begins for jurors Kancil.

Malaysia - The jury considered very creative Kancil Awards decided to convene this weekend at a figure far less work than expected, but with the promise to make this year's awards scam free.

In response to some severe criticism of the new Kancil process of jury selection, 4AS president Datuk Vincent Lee implied the star of the new process would eliminate the dreaded question on job scam winner.

He told the Star Kancil Awards 2009 will suffer a decline in visitor numbers due to the adverse economic climate and the lack of fraud indicators.

Today, the jury foreman SP Lee is confident that the show will be to the account No Scam ads and A + M told the jury extensive controls on inflows and to impose "call customers, marketing managers and administrators and to all those who involved in the preparation and approval of advertising. "

When asked to explain what the exact criteria of 4AS or Kancil jury set up to be their goal, Lee's 4A would be easy to reach that several board members to add, "Things are getting better."

Entries this year by 25% to 757 entries, but the awards were quickly associated with the number of participants highlight is present at a record high with 53 points.

The 757 works submitted will be assessed extended by 47 jury members about the new format 10 Golden Kancil.

Whether the work scam free winners will be announced, 30 October, when the contract starts at Sime Darby Convention Center.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sang Kancil with crocodile

In the past, Sang Kancil is the smartest animal in the forest. Many animals in the forest came to help look for him, if they have problems. Although it became the center of the animals in the forest, but do not show that same pride is only willing at any time.

Sang Kancil for a walk one day in the woods to find food. Because the food has reduced in residential areas Sang Kancil was intended to seek refuge outside the area. The weather is very hot that day, so that the Sang Kancil thirst for too long, it may seek a nearby river. Once through the forest Kancil finally met a river water is very clear. Wasting no time to drink with Sang Kancil further. The water was cold river Sang Kancil suffer thirst.

Kancil continue along the banks of the river, when they feel tired, rest under a shady tree benjamina around the area on foot. Kancil said in his heart: "I must be patient if you want to get a delicious meal. Tired after the loss, Sang Kancil on the banks of the river while eating a favorite, there are trees nearby. When you enter a relative to Open Sang Kancil renowned Orchard, who came across the river. "Even if I might be able to cross the river and enjoy the fruits of" Sang Kancil thought.

Sang Kancil think of trying again and again, as the river flows again in a very fast. Suddenly, as the Kancil sunbathing crocodile fun on the water. Crocodile has become customary, when it will receive sun on hot days, Sun Light. Without further hesitation Kancil approached the crocodile sunning itself directly and said:

"Hello my friend, the crocodile, how are you today?" Crocodiles, which are enjoying fun in the sun directly with your eyes open and found that Kancil sang just say "good comrades Sang Kancil Connect" the crocodile "Why did you come?" Answer Sang Kancil "I bring you good news" to hear the words of Sang Kancil, crocodiles do not wait to hear more pleased that the Sang Kancil made and said: "Tell me what you mean."

Kancil said: "I was ordered by King Solomon, the number of crocodiles in the river by King Solomon to be calculated to give a gift to you all." Heard the name of King Solomon already terrible, all animals, because the wisdom of Solomon was given by God to rule over all creatures on this earth. "Well, you wait here, I'm down in the hole in the river all my friends call me," said Sang Buaya. Meanwhile, Sang Kancil design already enjoying the benefits. Shortly after that all the crocodiles at the bottom of the water gathered on the shore. Sang Kancil said: "Gentlemen O vera, I was charged Saulaiman ordained by Allah to the number of all because it gives you a special gift that day. Search more Kancil" Line-up everybody started across the river from here to the nearest bank Bank issues. "

Since these commands queued Crocodile King Solomon at once without protest. Crocodile said simply: "Remember now we are ready," Sang Kancil take a piece of wood that was there, right in the first crocodile at the river and began to count the words: "One two three groove, male female I. strike "while the head drum vera so successful over the river to the Kancil. If it Kancil ditebing go directly to the river, while bersorak joy and said: "Hello all crocodiles, you know that I have deceived you all, and no prizes will be presented by Salomon.

Hear the words of Sang Kancil and the crocodiles all angry because they move from the Kancil conspiracy. They swore, and it is not satisfied Sang Kancil, if in the future. Vera vengeance will be also continued to simmer until this day. Meanwhile, leave Sang Kancil luck further and leave crocodiles and more directly into the garden to enjoy the fruits are ripe is ripe.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Kancil Story

Kancil (in English: Lesser Mousedeer) or also known as Myzomela (in many communities in Malaysia and Indonesia), this is the only species of the smallest among the four species that are still in the family and Tragulidae Infraorder Tragulina. Length of only measuring 45 centimeters, weighing two kilograms, is the ungulat led one of the smallest. Measuring only 45 cm length, two kilograms of weight, led by an ungulat smallest. Kancil will love the rugged forest-BATAN Available in Tropical Forest and Southeast Asia. Kancil would like forest-BATAN gross and have tropical forests of Southeast Asia. The scientific name Tragulus javatticus. Tragulus javatticus scientific name.
Tragulidae family is widespread among the Oligocene epoch (34 million years ago) to the Miocene epoch (about 5 million years ago) but almost no change since that time and therefore, it is a family of primitive ruminant animals. Tragulidae family size among the Oligocene period (34 million years ago) to the Miocene period (about 5 million years ago) but almost no changes since that time and therefore, is a family of animal memamah multiplying the primitive. The family has four chamber stomach for food menapaikan Cerna plants difficult, but not the third curved Growing properly. Family has four rooms for stomach digested menapaikan crops difficult, but not the third curve grow well. Similar to the species in the family other Tragulidae, kancil not have horns, and legs short and thin. Similar to other species in the family Tragulidae, kancil not have horns, and feet short and thin.
Legendary Malay
Kancil is a famous animal in Australia due to legendary Malay. Kancil is a beast known in Malaysia as Malay legendary. Folklore "Sang Kancil and Sang Buaya" tells about the intelligence Sang Kancil deceive a group of crocodiles to cross the river to enjoy the fruits are ripe ripe rambutan. Folklore "Sang Kancil and Sang Buaya" talked about intelligence Sang Kancil deceive a group of crocodiles to cross the river to enjoy the fruits rambutan is cooked well.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Folklore in Malaysia

The Sang Kancil is a part of folklore in Malaysia. A small number, but smart and small, uses the Sang Kancil his own benefit, to triumph intelligent beings is stronger than he. The character of folklore is similar to the American character and Brother Rabbit was a figure of empowerment for farmers in Malaysia.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Choosing Color Cars

Talking about cars, all who have dreams about their own cars. type, color, brand and size that we will see the result.

Type and size:
There are those interests kancil car because it is small, but not fit for all people, enough for small families only.
Some people also have a large car but no family, because this has the ability and the greatness of the owner.
Some people do not want to have a car but not in the car because the provision minus, not an enemy in the search. correct?
so, please becareful before buy a car

Least interest respectively. have the interest in silver color because it symbolizes wealth and grandeur of the owner.

for reflection with the color options:

Nisa: Why do you like green cars?

Ema: car color Green means my beloved

Nisa: If the car is light blue means what?

Ema: it symbolizes the passionate

Nisa: If colored Red?

Ema: the courage that precise.

Nisa : "If white car?

Ema : Pure, clean and honest

Nisa : "If the Yellow car?

Ema : Represents the Arid Heart

Nisa : "If Pink?

Ema : In love

Nisa : "If it is orange?

Ema : Represents Strong Heart

Nisa : "If Black?

Ema : capture, entrancing, exciting and plucky!
but the great silver color car.

Nisa: reason?

Ema : Because I own a silver car
hahaha .....

funny or not?

all people wanted the brand, kancil is a brand car from produa. lucky to know.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The story of my Kancil cars.

I do not intend to buy a car. But I am interested in the business. When thinking about things like this has nothing to do. Actually there. This story kancil my car.
First a friend gave me a space as a partner in the rental car business. I agreed. We will make use kancil car rental services. I believe my friend, so I submit all matters trust him to buy a car. I do not dispute the efficiency.

Who know about my knowledge in business? First he asked for cash advances car kancil, I give the deposit payment. I did whatever he requested. All things run smoothly at first, we have a contract black and white means no fraud.

After a while, business did not become. I am the nominee when buying the kancil. Means that we will dispose of the agreement. I agree with his proposal to sell the Kancil and divide profits equally without thinking first. I do not see he will deceive me.

Three months later, banks started to call me asking about the monthly installment payments that have been outstanding. I was surprised! hat I do not know many things about the car purchase. Although it is a car kancil small but important because it also involves cash.

I request information from my partner that I need to get information about the car buyer. I get different stories. in fact, the buyer has paid a lot of cash when buying the car but I did not get the cash from my partner. I found out, my partner is a fraudster. Actually he has deceived many people, and nobody tell me about this matter.

I am very sorry. But I take the car from the buyer. Although I have to pay the outstanding installments bank withdrawal and wages because the buyer did not want to return the car for 11 months. Banks can not find where kancil is, until I give the information where it is located.

Until now I can afford to pay installments and I still use the car kancil.

My advice: do not easily fall prey to the bank system. Wind up with buyers. Friends that you are familiar with the new month or two. Find as much information as possible before you buy a car, although it is only a kancil.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Think before you buy smart. Perodua Kancil would you choose?

You buy essential here - five doors and four wheels, EX is a folding rear seat and a clock, and GX offers rear wash wipe /; two-year/24, 000 mile warranty is not too stingy, though .

Cheap, cheap, cheap ... Over 50 mpg in normal use, low cost services, reasonable resale value - along with other ultra-cheap Cuore, Cinquecento and Suzuki Alto can approach.

Based on the old Daihatsu Mira proved, if proven, quality of construction in Malaysia looks OK, too.

Next entertaining, if sums of money in the city, but the novelty is soon - there are a lot of noise and the ride is operating completely outside of its class A fast-road or on the road.

Engine emits a sound of sports and likes tough tour, but it is delusional mph 70th

Enough space inside even for rear passengers; fine in the city, but you do not want to drive long distances.

Silly name, Perodua, lack of familiarity and small resellers cash Nippa; house Daihatsu pettiness and reporting system to help restore balance.

Side impact beams, the absence of other modern security reflects both the low price and age of the design.

Standard immobilizer, an alarm is a broker-FIT extra and is probably a good idea in urban areas.

When buying second-hand box to
Body: Watch out for parking bumps and scratches.
Engine / Transmission: short service intervals on small engines work hard, so sure that schedules were kept.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Talk About Perodua Kancil / Perodua Nippa

The small and tinny sold Nippa managed to remain unknown to most British motorists, despite better than the much acclaimed Alfa Romeo 166 in 1998. Nippa The body is a re-incarnation of the old Daihatsu Cuore - and it's not bad, given that Daihatsu are masters of the city car in Japan.
The Nippa is a fundamental Specifacation if stereo, sunroof and central locking can be added by the dealership.
This car shows its age Withn a random arrangement for indoor switchgear - for example, the heating controls are closer than the passengers to the driver.
Runabout the heart of this car is the cheapest new cars in Britain and as a city, it works, do not expect much to learn from your purchase price to the resale or a lot of fun or a road Cred. But if you really need have a new car is the cheapest way.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Top Gear

With a price of STG5, 149 (STG1 = Ringgit Malaysia 6.30), Perodua Kancil's - as the Nippa in the United Kingdom known - is the cheapest car in the country. As the Mini, its small size and modest lead specifications for certain jokes Cheeky British journalists - like the comment that the driver would Nippa Look Pretty stupid when he tries to bully a road!

But joking aside, it was agreed also that the car with the best value for money offers in terms of operating costs per mile. This was determined by CAP Motor Research, an independent group that analyzes the operating costs of 3000 cars on the market. To 13.1 pence per mile (PPM), the Kancil (850cc version with EFI) was found 10 times cheaper to run in a Mercedes S600 would cost a homeowner an average of 123.9 ppm. The latest survey found that operating costs have fallen in general, more than a year ago, when Ford Ka 1.3i top table at 13.8ppm

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Kancil to be a Global Collection

Malaysia - changers game industry from around the world make the pilgrimage this year Kancil in the festival lasts for a month to not only the mark of excellence in creation, but to determine learning about the topic, what is needed in order to give dramatic changes.

"These people have been exemplary in the development of a trend and a break with tradition," said organization President of Accredited Advertising Agents Malaysia Jennifer Chan (4A’s) from the impressive list of prominent position in this way.

Chan says that the list of speakers for the first Designyatra invited Kyoorius - a conference on international design - branding and design guru, the stock and gives their knowledge to the participants.

The big names like Wally Olins are Chairman of Saffron Brand Consultants, Neville Brody of Research Studios, and Vince Frost of Frost Design, Simon Dixon Baxi and Aporva the Dixonbaxi and Paul Hughes of lava.

Around 1000 participants for 14 Expected November - 15 Conference," said Chan.
The speaker series is a traditional annual event will feature Kancil Awards, several people with creativity as part of their origin.

"It will be four players in the world of politics, fashion, banking and telecommunications, and they will talk about how creativity is the main engine of economic growth.

"And that is not limited to advertisers, but the world also" Chan and added that the speakers spread what they feel and think that they could help their industry with creativity.

In distilled - judges, the international creative directors will be together - to change their game shares successes.

The jury, consisting of juice and Creative Thirasak Tanapatanakul Sonal Dabral of Bates Asia, were lined up to discuss their experiences for half the day on 17 to speak of November.

The "Change the Game" theme to convey the message to the industry, the need and importance of innovation, re-innovation and developments, as the chief organizer Jennifer Chan.

Chan is a member of Creative Excellence 4A, the determining factors for success were Kancil Awards in the last 30 years.

Active Vehicle Guide - How to be ready to drive in a foreign country

If you drive a new car hire and in a strange foreign country where you have never ridden, what to do to go ready to go?

But if you travel to Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, just north of Singapore. As would know those who have traveled extensively in Asia, the traffic on roads in most Asian countries is hard all day, and many times take precedence over the driving and traffic rules, especially when the tropical heat Searing Bear of the cool head and lift the spirits!

Before you stood a small local production car Malaysia - the Perodua Kancil, named after the small deer that run quickly through the jungles of Malaysia. And you need the car to use in order to brave the heavy traffic the day, to move to the next city to visit Shah Alam, at a business meeting.

A stranger in the region outside the car, what should you do?
In fact, if you encounter such a situation, what should you do?
Keep cool - and you plan your trip, and use the car in an intelligent manner.

For example, use very, very easy to use control of the car before you at all. This means:
1. Check tires and pressure.
2. Oil and brake fluid.
3. Check the battery.
4. Ensure that the brakes (its work is nothing like it in slowly for a short walk to test!).

Plan your trip, for example, do not be afraid to ask for and store it down so that you always refer to notes. Timing of your trip - you can always in times of slower traffic away from the crowd in traffic during rush hour. Protect your eyes especially glaring tropical sun by wearing sunglasses light. Properly dressed. And shoes! The last tip on wearing shoes may sound funny, but if he is alive in the tropics, many visitors, especially from colder countries might be tempted to wear only sandals!

And if you go on the road, obey speed limits. Do not push your vehicle to the speed limit, especially when driving on roads where strange and jams are the norm.

You were surprised to see cars along a crowded shopping area doubled and S streets, while you crossed your way to your goal parked. You were not sure if this was allowed to convert as double parking of cars in two rows on the street in a street in a narrow sense, leading to traffic jams in several parts. It was certainly a revelation!

But in a strange country where you are not an expert in the rules for local traffic, it is better to store play. Drive defensively and help you plan your trip and after your trip you will enjoy this hike.

Kancils 2009 breaks judging record

  • Kancils 2009 juror list announced
  • Largest ever in its history
  • Includes seven international and 41 local jurors
Malaysia - This year's Kancil Awards will feature seven international and 41 local judges, the largest line-up of jurors assembled in the award's 14 year history.
"In most years, the Kancils have had 30 or so jurors. But this year, the larger panel is necessary as the ten new categories require more specialists within each discipline," SP Lee, Jury Chairman of the Kancil Awards 2009, said. 
"This also reflects the call for a larger representation of an award body which has grown to include over 100 member agencies," he said.

International jurors include Thirasak Tanapatanakul of Creative Juice Thailand, Tay Guan Hin of JWT Singapore, Agnello Dias of Taproot India, Andy Blood of TBWA\Whybin\Tequila Auckland, Dirk Eschenbacher of Tribal DDB China, Spencer Wong of McCann Erickson China and Richard Yu of Bates 141 Taiwan.
The Kancil Awards 2009 will launch on 30 October at the Sime Darby Convention Centre and will this year feature 10 Golden Kancils instead of the usual one.

Facts U Need 2 Know About Kancil Malaysia

The Perodua Kancil (also known as the Perodua Nippa in the United Kingdom, and the Daihatsu Ceria in Indonesia) is a small car manufactured by Perusahaan Otomobil Kedua (Malay for "Second Automobile Manufacturer") in Malaysia. It has been in production since 1994. The Kancil is named after the mousedeer (chevrotain) native to Malaysia.
The Kancil was Perodua's first car after its founding in 1993. It is a small five-door hatchback vehicle on a monocoque framework that could seat five people. The Kancil and its predecessors are actually a modified Daihatsu Mira through badge engineering. Badge engineering is prevalent in Malaysia's automotive industry since it began in 1985 with carmaker Proton. Subsequent Kancils were only rejuvenated cosmetically as Perodua maintained the monocoque structure and tweaked with its engines.
The original Kancil underwent two minor facelifts. In 1997, the car's grille and bumpers were better integrated to support to a larger grille and rounded indicator lights. Two years later, the car was given another slight facelift consisting of body-coloured side mouldings, a new grille and reprofiled front bumper with larger indicators.
The Kancil received a more extensive facelift in 2003. The 2003 iteration included rounded headlights and taillights, and new front and rear bumpers. Its interior features a flushed dashboard with the combination instrumentation panel placed in the middle like the Toyota Yaris. However, it is still mechanically identical to its predecessor, except for the EZi automatic transmission option which is given a fuel-injected powerplant.
Although the Perodua Viva, a new model based on the new Daihatsu Mira, was widely considered as a legitimate replacement for the long-running Kancil, Perodua had decided to continue selling the Kancil and replaced the Perodua Kelisa instead on May 11, 2007.
The Kancil was sold in three variants:
  • Kancil 660EX- 659 cc three-cylinder carbureted in-line engine, 29 hp (22.1 kW), five-speed manual transmission, black bumpers and door rub strips.
  • Kancil 850EX- 847 cc three-cylinder carbureted in-line engine, 36 hp (25.5 kW), five-speed manual transmission, body-color bumpers and rub strips.
  • Kancil 850EZi- 847 cc three-cylinder fuel-injected in-line engine, 49 hp (34.7 kW), three-speed automatic transmission, body color bumpers and rub strips. 

Following its release in 1994, the Kancil became an instant success in Malaysia. The Kancil is popular with beginner drivers and is commonly used in Malaysian driving schools. It was also preferable for its fuel efficiency and surprising roomy interior despite its size. In December 1995, Perodua produced its 50,000th Kancil. By January 1997, 100,000 Kancils had been manufactured, and by 1999 - 250,000 had been built.